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Zuckerberg: WhatsApp Is releasing Call Links, A Feature That Allows Groups To Make Video Calls With Up To 32 People

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO, and founder of Meta, stated on Monday that WhatsApp will be implementing Call Links, a feature that would let users initiate & join a call with one tap. 

WhatsApp now supports encrypted group video calls for approximately 32 participants, Zuckerberg said. Up until recently, WhatsApp’s group calling feature only allowed for a maximum of eight people to participate in a single video session. 

Call links can be simply shared with friends and family by tapping the ‘Call Links’ option inside the Calls Tab. 

This week, the rollout of Call Links officially begins, but users will require the most recent version of the application to access the feature. 

In April, rumors began circulating that WhatsApp, a messaging network owned by Meta, will soon allow for up to 32 users in group phone conversations. 

A new user interface with features including social audio, speaker highlighting, & waveforms are part of the update. 

WhatsApp introduced a new feature in July that allows users to join a group video or voice call after it has already begun. The feature also allows users to see the other participants in a video call screen, similar to how you see them in other communication apps. 

According to WhatsApp, the new “Joinable calls” feature makes it easier for people to jump on a group chat as it’s being initiated, and it makes using WhatsApp for group discussions as natural and effortless as having a conversation with a person in real life. 

Someone who isn’t immediately available whenever the phone rings can nonetheless join the call once they’re available. As long as the call remains active, you are free to disconnect and reconnect at any time. 

In these times of increasing social isolation, WhatsApp video calls provide an easy way for India’s 400 million consumers to stay in touch with their loved ones.


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