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Zoom fixes security issues that let hackers gain root entry to your Mac

Whenever you will log into Zoom to get your next video call started, you must take a few seconds before you update and join in your application. Recently Zoom released a protection patch for a prominent hole which might let the hacker take over the entire machine. 

Now, if you’re using a Mac with Zoom, you can finally relax. Ars Technica claims Zoom has upgraded its Mac software to solve a vulnerability that would help would-be hackers to take control of devices. 

The video calling program’s auto-updater software not only provides root-level access, but features a signature verification method that you can deceive just by providing your packages with a familiar file name. Your application can also be downgraded or exploited and that can be enabled if it falls into the wrong hands. 

Patrick Wardle of the Objective-See Foundation disclosed a flaw in Zoom’s automated updater, which operates as the root user and does not require a user password. 

However, Wardle found that the updater merely checks if the file contains the same title as the releasing certificate, or if it was signed by Zoom. If the certificate’s name is also used by another software, the Mac could be compromised. 

The security issues with Zoom, which have previously affected Mac users, are nothing new. To prevent a camera hijacking in 2019, the business quickly patched a web server built in-house to support the attack. 

Zoom’s operations were thoroughly examined because of the heightened scrutiny that began in the spring of 2020, at the beginning of the COVID-19 epidemic. Despite the fact that it prompted adjustments, it’s obvious that Zoom isn’t perfect. 

How can you update Zoom 

While it’s possible that Zoom will update itself upon launch, doing so may not result in the most up-to-date version (5.11.5). (9788). When Zoom is running, go to zoom.us > About Zoom to see what version you’re using. You will need to perform a manual upgrade if you are not using the most recent version. 

How to Manually check for updates –

  • First Click on the zoom.us menu 
  • Second, select Check for Updates. And you are done!


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