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YouTube Opens New Flank In Fight Against TikTok

To compete with TikTok and Instagram Reels, YouTube is investing heavily in YouTube Shorts. The snappy videos, which are often under a minute long, are a great way to quickly and easily grab the attention of the young generation, which often acts as if it has little time to spare. 

And as YouTube Shorts continues to gain traction, Google, the video platform’s owner, has announced plans to roll out support for the format on Android-powered smart TVs. 

Although YouTube claims 30 billion daily views for its Shorts, rival TikTok continues to dominate the short-form video industry despite being blocked in major regions like India. Therefore, YouTube should strike out on a new front against TikTok. 

There’s speculation that YouTube will include a “Mosaic Mode” as well. The horizontal Shorts are now exclusive to YouTube’s mobile app. Those video clips are too short to air on television (through Chromecast). Google’s decision to support landscape mode on smart TVs is logical, despite the fact that it may feel dissonant to watch horizontal films on a huge screen. 

An upgrade coming in the next several months will reportedly bring YouTube Shorts to smart TVs, as reported (opens in new tab). For such a record, the TikTok app can be found on LG & Samsung smart TVs.

According to the report, YouTube TV will soon roll out a new feature named Mosaic Mode that would allow users to simultaneously watch up to four live videos. Mosaic Mode, coming to YouTube TV, will split the screen into four equal sections, allowing users to watch four different live feeds at once. 

Clearly, YouTube places a high value on its Shorts video. It has just released a feature as part of an update to its app on iOS & Android smartphones that allows producers to instantly convert up to 60 seconds of previously submitted long-form films into Shorts. 

YouTube claims that producers can add more videos using the Shorts camera or by uploading existing videos from their gallery provided the selected film is less than 60 seconds, as the tool makes use of the platform’s current editing suite (text, timeline editor, filters, etc.).


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