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Twitter Helps Users To Combine Videos, GIFs And Photos In Single Tweet

The company’s stated goal is to facilitate communication that goes above the platform’s character limit of 280. That’s why they’re rolling out a new feature that will let you tweet a mix of photographs, videos, & GIFs all at once. 

In a recent blog post, Twitter detailed the steps required to include media attachments in a tweet. To include a photo or GIF with your tweet, it says to select that option when creating your message. You need to decide what information should be disseminated. Enhance your photos with captions before posting them online. Once reserved for a chosen few, the feature is now open to everyone.

Get ready to mix it up with visuals on Twitter. You can now add a combination of media to your Tweet on Android and iOS. That means you can include a photo, GIF, and video (or two!) all in the same Tweet. Tap the photo icon in the Tweet composer to start mixing your media,” was posted on Twitter.

According to the company, a user can attach up to four different media types to a single tweet: video, image, GIF, and audio. 

The feature will be accessible on both mobile iOS and Android devices. Newly updated tweets, however, are accessible from any device. 

Twitter is planning on releasing a plethora of new features in the near future. One of these is an expanded set of status options for users to utilize when labeling their own postings. This tool was previously only accessible to a small subset of customers in the United States, but the business has plans to roll it out to people in Australia. 

Furthermore, the Edit button has begun rolling out to users in Australia, Canada, & New Zealand on Twitter. This function is currently restricted to Twitter Blue users only. In addition, Twitter is releasing a video carousel that can be found in the Explore section of the app. “Videos for you” will be the name of the new section. As a result, fans will see a curated list of the best viral videos ever.


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