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The New Feature of Google Meet Allows Users to Mute, Unmute and Others in the Simplest Way!

Google recently updated its conference platform Meet, under which Duo was merged. Apparently, users will eventually be able to mute themselves simply pressing the space bar & unmute themselves by releasing the key. 
According to Google’s statement, the new feature will make it simpler for users to join meetings by enabling them to switch between mute and unmute in a matter of seconds.
In the official blog post, Google said, “This feature also helps in situations where you forget to mute after you unmute. This feature is OFF by default and can be turned on in Google Meet settings.
The company also said that it can change how the “Hey Google” voice control can work for Google Meet hardware gadgets.
According to the business, after downloading this update, the Google Assistant will only be enabled when a device is neither currently in a meeting nor within ten minutes of the start of an impending meeting. 
In addition, Google has introduced a new feature that makes it possible for users to develop high-quality custom functions which are compatible with the pre-existing formula constructions in the Sheets app. 
According to the announcement made by the company, users can now make use of visitor sharing to enable non-Google users to upload data or create things in shared drives that are held by organizations and people on Google Workspace.


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