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Synersoft Technologies conducts webinar on “Cost-Effective Alternatives to Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace?

Synersoft Technologies, an Indian IT company, conducted a webinar on “Cost-Effective Alternatives to Google Workspace and Microsoft 365” on Thursday, 8th December 2022. The session witnessed valuable insights from Vishal Prakash Shah, CEO and Co-Founder of Synersoft, and Sudhir Chaubey, Co-Founder of Synersoft.

The webinar discusses the need to educate corporate India and MSMEs about affordable and alternate products that can be equally effective. The session emphasized on Product and Feature analysis of different versions of Google Workspace and MS-365, and the cost implications of these services over the next five years. The discussion also enumerated on equivalent alternatives to Cloud Drive, Mailbox, DLP, Security, and Virtualization services provided by dominant players, and the Cost-Benefit Analysis of Alternative services compared to the services provided by dominant players. Moreover, there was a discussion on specific alternative technologies that can serve the purpose without compromising functionality. The webinar was well participated by the leading industrialists, professionals and executives from the MSME sector.

Speaking on the occasion, Vishal Prakash Shah, CEO and Co-Founder of Synersoft, said, “There is a serious concern over recent escalations in pricing by dominant cloud infrastructure providers like Google and Microsoft. Through research, we can discover that there are only a few players who dominate India’s email and cloud infrastructure market and unfortunately most Corporates and MSMEs based in India depend on these services to maintain business continuity and communicate worldwide. ?

While delivering the Vote of Thanks, Sudhir Chaubey, Co-Founder of Synersoft, said, “I would like to inform all the participants that these webinars are Synersoft’s commitment to equipping Indian businesses with relevant knowledge and information. ?


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