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SIM card: Is Someone Using The SIM Card In Your Name? Know In One Click

Did you know that anyone with access to your SIM can commit any crime you can get accused of? However, previously there were so many incidents like this. To get a new replacement sim card one just needs a passport, voter ID, or Aadhar card. 

Each individual Aadhar card can be used to get up to nine unique SIM cards. But the SIM card should not be manufactured by the same company. And through one carrier, six sim cards are allowed. 

Several times we fear that if someone else is using our sim card with our credentials. Don’t worry if you think like this. There is a process by which you can get to know online if anyone is using your Sim card or not. Not just this you can directly block your card. You just have to know about the process for preventing such incidents from fraudulent activities. Now we will let you know about the trick. With the trick, you can know with a single click if anyone is using the Sim card with your name or not. 

SIM card: Check out through this portal

You can simply find out how many SIM cards are taken with your name through a portal of the government telecom department. Then you can easily block all the active SIM cards on your ID. And also if you already have a Sim card that you do not use and wish to remove from your Aadhaar card then you can turn that off. 

Now let’s check it out

First click on the website then you will receive an OTP on your mobile. Do not share this OTP with anyone. Enter the OTP and you can check the list of Sim cards used with this number. 

Now you can simply block all the cards that you don’t use. You will also get a tracking ID with which you can take proper action against the issue of invalid numbers on the Aadhaar card. 


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