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Runners will love the free upgrade presented by Apple Watch

The continual stream of information is a nice feature of the Apple Watch. Once in a while, a significant software update will be released, providing you with free new features & apps for your wristwatch. 

That is precisely what the new WatchOS 9.2 update adds. Even though we got a lot of new features in the bigger WatchOS 9 update earlier this year, Apple hasn’t let that stop them from jamming even more into this one. 

One beneficial new element is called “Race Route,” and it keeps track of the paths you regularly jog or bike down so you can compete against your previous times. Furthermore, we now have Pacer, another brand-new addition. The system lets you pick a distance and time objective and then either speed you up or slows you down to help you achieve it. 

In addition, the new version for runners includes a function that may detect your presence at a running track. GPS is used for this purpose and gives you precise data about the area. 

There have also been a number of modest changes and upgrades made to other aspects of the WatchOS experience. As a result of tweaks to the algorithm, the kickboxing game is now more enjoyable. Besides the fitness realm, the Noise app has also seen a revision. The app will notify users of the Airpods Max and Airpods Pro (first generation) when ambient noise has been significantly decreased through the usage of the Active Noise Cancellation feature. 

Furthermore, the Crash Detection method has been enhanced. It has been reported several times since its introduction that the feature has been mistakenly activated on roller coasters and ski slopes. An unnecessary call to emergency services could be made if the Crash Detection system detects a dangerous drop in altitude in a short amount of time. It’s unclear what kinds of improvements have been made, but they probably aim to address those concerns.


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