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Pan-India 5G Rollout By December 2023 Jio’s 5G To Be World’s Most Advanced, Says Ambani

RIL Chairman Mukesh Ambani stated on Monday, August 29 that Reliance Jio would be investing Rs 2 lakh crore in its 5G network and will be launching the high-speed service in major cities by Diwali. Ambani said this at Reliance Industries’ 45th annual general meeting, stating that Jio will have 5G services available throughout India by the end of the year 2023. 
To build our pan-India true 5G network, we have committed a total investment of Rs 2 lakh crore. Jio has prepared the fastest ever and most ambitious 5G rollout plan for a country of our size. Within the next two months. That is by Diwali, we will launch Jio 5G across multiple key cities including metro cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata,” he said.
Subsequently, Ambani stated that Jio intends to expand its 5G coverage area by adding new towns, talukas, and tehsils every month till December 2023. 
Reliance Jio, which spent Rs 88,078 crore on auctioned spectrum, announced earlier this month that it plans to launch a cutting-edge 5G network in India, with the goal of making the country a global leader in digital connectivity & solutions. 
The company has stressed that it is fully equipped for 5G rollout in the shortest period of time, backed by statewide fibre presence, an all-IP network with no legacy infrastructure, an indigenous 5G stack and strong global collaborations throughout the technology ecosystem. 
According to Ambani’s remarks at the AGM, once 5G is in place, Jio will release billions of smart sensors with linked intelligence, which will launch the Internet of Things and power the fourth Industrial Revolution. 
It will connect every one, every place and everything with the finest quality and most economical data,” he stated. 
Ambani claimed that Jio had made significant headway in fiber and FTTH deployment, deploying a fiber-optic network across India that covered more than 11 million kilometers of cable. 
He stated that JioFiber is being selected by two out of every three potential FTTH consumers. 
After only two years of offering its fixed-line broadband services to the public, Jio dethroned BSNL, a state-run telecom firm that had dominated the market for the previous 20 years.


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