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One Of The Least Exciting Microsoft 365 Apps Might Soon Be Worth Your Attention

Whiteboard, Microsoft’s “intelligent canvas” application for online collaboration, will soon receive a number of upgrades. 

Whiteboard users will soon have access to a plethora of innovative features, such as the ability to embed video contents & post comments to boards, as well as adding the comments to the boards, according to several new items on the Microsoft 365 roadmap. 

It’s anticipated that the new features will be released in stages over the course of the following few months, with full availability by year’s end. 

Upgradations to Microsoft 365 

There is a continuous arms race between Microsoft as well as other suppliers in the remote collaboration, efficiency, & video conferencing market, and the latest updates to the Microsoft 365 suite are a part of that. 

Since the outbreak began, businesses have competed to offer their clients the widest range of tools for facilitating communication and teamwork among remote employees and, more recently, for facilitating hybrid work arrangements in which employees are based in a variety of places. 

The changes made to Microsoft Whiteboard may seem minor at first glance, but they actually give an additional channel for distant coworkers to discuss and solve issues, and they also accommodate the needs of those workers who learn and retain information more effectively through visual means. 

They add to the development of Microsoft’s software package as a whole, including features like voice dictation for document & email creation and the capability to send pre recorded video messages to deliver finely calibrated presentations across Teams. 

TechRadar Pro’s research shows that Microsoft’s lead over Google’s remains significant. There are currently more organizations in the United States using Microsoft 365 (58.2%) than Google Workspace (15%). 

With the rise of remote & hybrid work, however, the real-time collaboration model, in which applications are delivered through the cloud, has become increasingly crucial, and Google has beaten Microsoft to the punch in this regard. 

Remembering these facts, Microsoft can’t rest on its laurels; constant upgrades for its own software, no matter how tiny the individual advances, will be important to maintaining its dominant market position.


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