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Modernize Work Pressures in Regulated Industries with VMware & IBM

To assist worldwide partners and customers in modernizing mission-critical workloads and accelerating time to benefit in hybrid cloud environments. VMware Inc. & IBM have announced an expanded partnership at VMware Explore 2022. IBM Consulting is now a VMware Global Services Integrator (GSI) partner, and the two companies plan to develop and market new IBM & VMware Cloud solutions cooperatively. IBM and VMware are teaming together to assist customers in regulated industries like financial services, healthcare, and also the public sector with the challenges of cloud migration and modernization, including the associated costs, complexities, and risks. 
There has been a trend in recent years for businesses, even those in regulated sectors, to seek to modernize their core business processes in order to provide superior customer service and remain in line with applicable rules. As the current economic climate renders the restructuring of programs for the cloud impossible for many businesses, they are instead focusing on a more agile modernization strategy. The new services from IBM and VMware are meant to give businesses more options as they implement their digital transformation goals.
In today’s market, organizations want to modernize and transform operations quickly. But modernization and innovation cannot come at the cost of security and trust built with clients,” said IBM Cloud Platform head Howard Boville. “Together, IBM and VMware are supporting our mutual clients in regulated industries by offering something no two other companies are delivering– to more easily leverage hybrid cloud services securely — wherever and however they wish to run them.”
With IBM and VMware, our customers get a combination of innovation and consulting experience based on decades of close collaboration and experience in meeting the business challenges of thousands of customers around the world,” said General Manager, VMware cloud infrastructure business group, and Senior Vice President, Mark Lohmeyer. “This ongoing collaboration will enable us to better streamline the user experience for our mutual enterprise customers looking to run VMware mission critical workloads that require higher levels of security, resiliency and compliance support in financial services and regulated industries.


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