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Internet User Alert: Never Search on These Things on Internet in 2023, As You Might Land in Trouble

The Internet is crucial to modern society. Everything we learn on a daily basis comes from the internet. While it’s true that search engines make it easier to find what we’re looking for, few people seem to question the veracity of the results they pull up. 

Search engines crawl the web in search of data, which they then index. As a result, while we can find anything on Google or another search engine, doing so on certain controversial or delicate issues could get us in trouble. The government does keep track of searches, and they pay close attention to key categories that might get a searcher into serious trouble. In light of this, we have compiled a list of search-engine-avoidance topics that you may find useful. 

Worst Internet-Research Subjects: 

What Ingredients Go Into a Bomb? What Are the Steps to Making a Bomb in a Pressure Cooker? 

Don’t even think of searching for information on this subject if you do not want to get into serious problems with the law. Security agencies are keeping a close check on this query, and anyone conducting such a search will face severe consequences due to the high likelihood that they are in fact, terrorists. 

Child Pornography 

It’s clear that this is a highly delicate and dubious investigation. Any form of pornography or sexual content directed at minors is illegal in every country. Someone who is sick enough to see or download child abuse pornography will eventually be caught by the police. 

Look for Links to Criminal Activity 

People could get into serious difficulties if they conduct any kind of criminally-related search, as this could be seen by security agencies as evidence of someone plotting criminal activity. Thus, queries like “how to murder someone,” “how to produce poison,” “how to conduct a crime without being suspected,” etc., will bring the law enforcement to your door. Repeated searches on kidnapping, drugs, or smuggling will get you in serious trouble. 

Factors that Influence Abortion Decisions 

Outside of the realm of criminality, there are also some taboo subjects that are better left unexplored in the digital sphere. Abortion, as well as methods to induce a miscarriage or a full-fledged abortion, falls within this category. This is due to the fact that, for the sake of the patient’s health and well-being, abortion can only be performed by a licensed medical professional in India. Accordingly, we must steer clear of any pseudoscience or potential vulnerabilities. 

Google is an excellent resource for researching any topic, but it is especially useful for academic research because it provides a wealth of data on virtually any subject. Additionally, it has made the world a much more accessible and manageable place. Yet, there are individuals who use the internet for evil purposes, so it’s important to remember that not everything is rosy in the digital world. Authorities are making concerted efforts to monitor and reduce cybercrime. Keep your browsing history free of any malicious activity on the internet so you don’t get labeled a criminal.


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