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Instagram Is Going To Have Latest Safety Features To Safeguard Girls From Unwanted Nude Contents

Meta has verified that an updated Instagram feature will be available very shortly. Users will be protected from cyber flashing & sexual harassment, which have both been on the rise.

Currently, Instagram is focusing on a useful safety feature that will prevent users from getting inappropriate photographs in their DMs, such as naked people (DMs). Although social media makes it easier for people to communicate with one another, it has also facilitated an increase in online harassment. One such cybercrime that allegedly affects millions of women worldwide is cyber flashing. Instagram is working on a new privacy setting to prevent users from being exposed to inappropriate content, such as random, unsolicited naked photographs. 

The Verge reports that Meta acknowledged the feature is still in its initial phases of development. Instagram’s “Hidden Words” function, which debuted a year ago, is conceptually identical to the new “Nudity Protection” feature. Direct message requests with potentially inappropriate information can now be automatically filtered out. 

It has been stated that Meta will utilize machine learning to stop Instagram from sending naked photos to users. “We’re working closely with experts to ensure these new features preserve people’s privacy while giving them control over the messages they receive,” says the spokesperson of Meta.

Developer Alessandro Pauzzi gave a sneak preview of the new functionality on Twitter. He posted the snapshot to the microblogging service along with the following: “Instagram is working on nudity protection for chats. Technology on your device covers photos that may contain nudity in chats. Instagram CAN’T access photos.”

Users have the ability to examine the received photo and other posts. There will also be an option for users to turn the feature on or off. 

In the following weeks, Meta will reveal additional information regarding the new function. 

Instances of cyber flashing & cyberbullying have escalated on social media platforms in recent years. Instagram is the only major app where this kind of thing has become commonplace. More than 40% of young women in a 2017 survey said they have received images of a man’s intimate parts without their consent. A poll in June/July of 2020 found that 17% of female respondents have received pornographic content without their consent. 

The United States and the United Kingdom have both enacted laws against cyber flashing, however, India handles similar instances under its cybercrime statutes.


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