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India’s healthcare Will Be Driven By AI, ML and Robotics : Prathap Reddy, Apollo Chairman

Dr. Prathap Reddy, Chairman of Apollo Hospitals, recently stated that Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML) models will allow healthcare providers in India to make superior decisions that support systems to assist the doctors.

Dr. Reddy said, “Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning models will enable us to build superior decision support systems to help our clinicians. They will also be much more intelligent in extending the continuum of care post-procedure,” addressing the particular group’s Annual General Meeting on August 25.

According to Dr. Reddy, the focus of healthcare in the post-pandemic era is on patients, and in the future, consumers will be able to freely switch between digital & physical touch points when communicating with their care providers.

Virtual consultations, deeper telemedicine, home care, home tests, and medicine delivery will blend seamlessly with examinations, tests, and procedures at our points of carers across clinics and hospitals,” Reddy added.

According to the founder & chairman of Apollo Hospitals, advances in robotics will make sure that minimally invasive procedures become more common, leading to significantly shorter recovery times, lower blood loss, & overall much lower admission criteria for patients. These benefits will be realized as a direct result of the increased use of robotic technology. 

He also said that over the course of the next several years, the Apollo group plans to invest in increasing its footprint by strengthening its presence in crucial regions as well as expanding specialist centers to other locations.

Reddy said, “Our Proton center was the first of its kind in Asia and has been successful in giving the best proton therapy care to customers. We will be expanding this and investing up to $200 million to create four to five Healthmore centers in the country”.

With Apollo 24/7, we provide online care including virtual consults to nearly 20 million patients per month. In sync with our expanding digital presence, we are also expanding our physical presence with rapid expansion across our top cities with several new hospitals and clinics coming up over the next five years,” Reddy added.


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