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In July, WhatsApp Brings Down 2.4 Million Bad Accounts In India: Report

The number of Indian WhatsApp accounts that were banned in July was 2.39 million, the most for any month so far in 2018, the popular instant messaging app owned by Meta reported late on Thursday night in its monthly report. Because of the more severe rules governing information technology in the Asian nation, huge internet platforms are now required to publish progress reports on a monthly basis. 

A draft set of guidelines was available in June suggesting the establishment of a panel to hear user appeals, so it stated that major social media messaging platforms must provide the identity of the primary creator of material if courts direct them to do so. 

1.42 million user accounts were “proactively banned” before any allegations of suspicious activity were received from other users. According to the social media platform, some accounts were banned as a result of complaints that were received through the company’s complaints channel as well as the resources and tools that it utilizes to detect such infractions. 

During the month of July, WhatsApp was notified of a total of 574 complaints. In June, the messaging platform, which has been criticized in the past for propagating fake news & hate speech in the country as well as in other parts of the world, deleted 2.21 million accounts in India.


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