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How to check if your phone supports the 5G network?

5G launch in India: Three top telecom operators Airtel, Jio, & Vi are getting ready to launch the 5G services in India shortly. Several news has suggested that Airtel and Jio are going to launch their 5G services as soon as this month. Whereas the other reports suggest that 5G may launch in this country later in the current year. PM Narendra Modi said that 5G is coming sooner than you can expect and its speed is going to be 10X compared to the other 4G services.

Reports are also saying that any time 5G can launch in India. But to experience a 5G network you should have a 5 G-supported smartphone. But how can you check if your phone is supporting the 5G network? here we have explained below. But if your phone does not support the 5G network you have to grab a new phone where you can experience its 10X speed.

What is the process of checking if your phone supports the 5G network –

The first step – Go to the settings section on your android phone

The second step – Now click on the ‘Wi-Fi and network’ option

Third step –  Now we will have to click on the ‘sim and network’ section 

Fourth step – Here you will get the ‘preferred network type’ section. Now you will get a list of all the technologies

Fifth step – In case your phone is supporting 5G you will be able to check the list as 2G/3G/4G/5G.

If you cannot find 5G in the list it means your phone does not support 5G. So you will have to get a new 5G-enabled smartphone. There you can experience high-speed internet. Several smartphone companies like Xiaomi, Realme, and other companies offer 5G smartphones. As per a report on business standards, Qualcomm stated that in the future only under 10,000, 5G phones will be available. 

Before you think about spending on a 5G phone be sure that your network is supporting 5G. For example, if you use a Vi network, when Vi officially launches 5G services in India you can purchase a 5G phone.  


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