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High-yield investments provider IndiaP2P expands into Nagaland

IndiaP2P.com, a unique platform for high-yield fixed income investments designed for retail investors, has today launched their services in Nagaland. IndiaP2P creates retail investment products composed of loans from vetted borrowers with a focus on women seeking loans to advance their incomes. Furthermore, these loans are packaged into portfolio products that reduce risk via diligent diversification even for investments as small as Rs. 5000.

Nagaland as a state comprises a highly educated and aspirational workforce operating thriving businesses. However, like most of the north-eastern region, the state also comes under the most financially excluded parts of the country.  While there are many credit-worthy and eligible borrowers in the state, the number of credit offering financial institutions is limited and thus the market is largely underserved.  IndiaP2P’s digital approach makes access for borrowers and investors simpler, faster, and of course easily accessible.

Women in India have superior creditworthiness and lower defaults making them higher quality borrowers and like other parts of the country, we see participation from investors in Nagaland as well. Seeing the credit gap for high-quality borrowers, this expansion is a natural extension of our business to source credible loans for well-established local businesses“, says Neha Juneja, CEO and Co-founder, IndiaP2P.com

With IndiaP2P, retail investors can earn monthly passive income without any volatility. These investments also complement experienced investors’ existing portfolios as they are uncorrelated with most available investment products such as stocks, mutual funds, crypto, etc., and are a great means to earn while reducing risk through diversification. Since its launch, IndiaP2P has consistently delivered returns >16% p.a. to its investors and provides its products through RBI regulated NBFC-P2P route.

More Indians are starting their wealth creation journey and exploring various investment categories. IndiaP2P aims to provide investors with products based only on real economic value and no speculation i.e. ideal as passive, stress-free investments.

The founding team’s experience in lending, NBFC operations, and wealth-tech led to the idea of creating peer-to-peer (P2P) loan-based investment products with a focus on high-quality, low-risk borrowers. Interestingly, the founding team also comes with many years of credit extension experience in the north east.

In the coming years, IndiaP2P aims to expand India’s investor base while also fulfilling the country’s credit demand. The company is venture backed by Antler, India VC.


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