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Facebook’s News Feed now has a “show more” and “show less” toggle made by Meta

Meta is rolling out “Show more” & “Show less” options in News Feed for posts from the individuals & communities customers are related to and posts that Facebook suggests to them. 

Facebook users may now tailor their News Feed experience by clicking the “Show more” or “Show less” button on each given post. 

By clicking the Show more button, this and similar posts will momentarily rise in the rankings. According to a blog post published by Meta late on Wednesday night, “if you select Show less, you’ll momentarily drop its ranking score.” 

Facebook has announced that it would begin displaying this on Feed posts on occasion. 

The post’s visibility can be adjusted by using the three-dot option in the top right corner. 

With regards to Reels, “we are also starting to test this feature,” Meta said. 

The amount of posts from friends, relatives, Groups, Pages, & prominent figures that a user sees in their Feed is something the business is looking into customizing. 

Meta stated, “You can find these tools, along with Favourites, snooze, & reconnect, in Feed Preferences.” 

Such tools allow you to zero in on the information that most interests you while minimizing the noise you’d rather go without.


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