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Chrome OS, And Android Are The Future Of App Inventory

The two of the most popular mobile operating systems are ChromeOS and Android. What other mobile technology couple raises as many questions as this one does? 

Google’s two primary platforms have always been the target of doubt and suspicion. Anti-Chromebook activists have been insulated from the platform since its starting, and as a result, they are sure that Chromebooks serve no useful function and will eventually die out. There has been a widespread myth for decades that Google will eventually “merge” the two companies into one. 

Of fact, the truth was a lot more complicated than that. Google has been steadily merging its two platforms over the years in order to make them more interoperable and consistent. The desired outcome appears to be less of an either/or proposition than a dual-track that takes advantage of the strengths of both possibilities. 

And it appears that path is about to take a significant new turn, one that may significantly alter a significant element of the customer experience on both the Android & ChromeOS sides. 

The key is in the programs we use and the methods we employ to find them. Recent trends on Android and ChromeOS suggest that this could be an exciting time. 

App integration between Android and Chrome OS 

You can be forgiven for missing this, but the ChromeOS 104 update published earlier this month includes a redesigned window that appears when you tap your Chromebook’s “All” button that allows you to search for apps in the Play Store (also known as the search or launch key). 

You can find & install whatever app you require with a single click, without having to first determine whether the source is reliable and then open & search that specific marketplace.


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