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Batteries could be replaced by Fabric Device that uses moisture in air to generate electricity

Water-absorbing gel, carbon ink, sea salt, & fabric are the components that scientists at the National University of Singapore (NUS) utilized to design a device that can extract electricity from the air’s humidity. Tan Swee Ching, an assistant professor in the University’s Department of Materials Science and Engineering, led the research group that created the fabric-like machine by maintaining a water contextual difference between its two sections with differing qualities. The analysis paper published in Superior Supplies details the machine’s design. 

A thin layer of commercially available material, made from wood pulp & polyester & coated with carbon nanoparticles, makes up the machine. A special ionic hydrogel is used to coat the damp section of this material; this hydrogel can adsorb (take up liquid as a thin film on the surface) moisture from the air. The team employed sea salt to create the gel because it is non-toxic & since doing so could lead to the elimination of both sea salt & brine produced by desalination plants during the manufacture of this machine.

The perpetually maintained electrical energy technology is defined by the truth that the wet-dry asymmetry shops the power scavenged from water absorption. Thus, the electrical energy is held by the machine over time even after the water absorption is completed in a saturation state,” Zhang Yaoxin, the founder of the analysis article, advised. Zhang is an analysis fellow in the College’s Division of Supplies Science & Engineering.

According to Tan, the device can operate under a wide humidity range. What kind of salts are used to make the ionic hydrogel determines how dry the environment must be for the machine to work. The relative humidity in Singapore averages around 80% throughout the year, while sea salt begins to absorb moisture at a humidity level of 76 percent, according to Tan. Yet, by simply adjusting the salt concentration, the machine can continue to function effectively even in drier conditions. One example of a material that can keep the machine running in dry conditions is lithium chloride hydrogel, which can maintain a relative humidity of about 20%.


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