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Batik announces Partnership with Fibe, India’s largest personal Loan and Salary Advance Platform to provide hassle-free and Instant lending solutions

Batik, a leading Employee Benefits and Perks Platform has partnered with  Fibe, India’s largest personal loan and salary advance platform with an aim to provide instant, hassle-free and seamless lending solutions. Employees will now be able to access Fibe’s personal lending finance platform through Batik’s portal and explore various options to resolve several of their financial requirements. Any employee today requiring immediate cash disbursement for their instant loans, consumer durables, education loans, medical loan, home renovations and weddings, rest assured that it will be managed with Fibe.

The addition of Fibe to Batik’s suite of employee benefits coincides with data from the PwC reports that employees looking for a new job are constantly dealing with critical cash and debt issues and less confident that their current employer cares.

  • 59% of these employees who are looking for a new job find it difficult to meet their monthly household expenses

  • 50% use credit cards to pay for monthly necessities they otherwise couldn’t afford
  • Among financially stressed employees, 49% said that the money worries had a severe or major effect on their mental health during the last year, compared to just 15% of employees who are not stressed by their finances.
  • The majority of employees (73%) whose productivity at work is majorly impacted by their financial worries also mention that their financial situation has significantly affected their self-esteem
Pramey Jain, CEO and Co-founder at Batik, comments, “Our partnership with Fibe also comes at a time when the working population needs a great fallback not just with regards to their career but with their financial stability as well. We are in an era of constant change and with so much happening around all of us, the working class today are constantly under immense pressure. Pressure to perform at work, the pressure of a career and various personal responsibilities. It is during these times that brands like Fibe can really add great value to the journey of these people. Help them through tough times. I am really looking forward to a very long association with Fibe and I believe this will be a true game changer and a stress reliever in the times to come”
Commenting on the partnership Mr. Akshay Mehrotra, Co-founder and CEO, Fibe said, “The partnership with Batik will help us extend our financial wellness services to a larger consumer base which will give employees financial stability in life. With this partnership, a employees will get easy access to instant personal loans, education loans, medical loans, which will reduce their financial stress and help them to achieve their goals .”


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