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1 lakh job opportunities for the disabled persons by Microsoft

As part of its ‘Inclusion To Action’ initiative, tech giant Microsoft is teaming up with non-profit organization EnAble India to provide one hundred thousand jobs to people with disabilities (PwDs). 

Since its inception in 1999, EnAble India has advocated for the rights & economic security of people with disabilities in India. 

Microsoft’s new program will unite more than a hundred businesses in India from fields as diverse as finance, manufacturing, retailing, & technology to coordinate efforts in areas such as technical education, mentoring, internships, and job placement. 

Microsoft & EnAble India signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to establish a community for those seeking employment and those offering it through programs such as internships & mentorship in the field of information technology. 

In an era where companies are increasingly emphasizing hybrid work practices, the technical skilling programs will help the candidates improve their awareness of digital accessibility. 

Microsoft claimed in a statement that increasing the number of people with disabilities in the company’s workforce would lead to more accessible products for people with impairments. As an added bonus, disabled people would have easier access to courses covering useful skills like using current office software. 

‘Microsoft’s collaboration with EnAble India will help engage with multiple stakeholders across industry to transform employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities’, President of Microsoft India, Anant Maheshwari said in a statement.

Maheshwari said, “all of us now need to act with bolder ambition to empower this large untapped talent pool to achieve more.” 

Microsoft & EnAble India are working together as part of the company’s five-year global commitment to bridging the digital divide for people with disabilities in the areas of education, work, and access to technology.


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