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With the Threat Hunting technology Seqrite declares Endpoint Security 8.0

SEQRITE has released a new edition of its Endpoint Security product. All connected devices may now be protected from even the most sophisticated cyberattacks with the help of EPS 8.0, which is loaded with cutting-edge capabilities and, for the first time, Endpoint Threat Hunting technology. With this update, SEQRITE has made it easier to handle a huge number of endpoints in the SME market without increasing the deployment footprint or the associated maintenance tasks for their customers. In addition to better compliance reporting for authorities, auditors, & customers, this release now offers real-time protection for Linux. 

Endpoint Threat Hunting is a new feature in this release that enables users to proactively monitor their endpoints for malicious IoCs (Indicators of Compromise) sent to them by regulators, auditors, or their final customers, and then take action, such as deleting or quarantining, as needed. Scans can be performed immediately or on a predetermined timetable using File Hashes, the files’ unique attribute. 

Dr. Sanjay Katkar, Joint Managing Director and Chief Technology Officer at Quick Heal, made the following statement about the launch: “Post pandemic we are experiencing an unprecedented spike in the cyberattacks & their level of sophistication. This emphasizes the importance for companies to embrace future-proof solutions to reduce potential threats. To keep our customers safe around the clock and in different time zones so they can focus on what’s truly important to them, SEQRITE’s brightest minds have collaborated on EPS 8.0, which combines endpoint threat tracking technology in real-time with many other capabilities. 

In addition to Endpoint Threat Hunting, the comprehensive suite of modern security tools included in EPS 8.0 includes Advanced Device Control, Data Loss Prevention, Vulnerability Scan, Patch Management, Web Filtering, and Asset Management, allowing for streamlined administration and comprehensive protection. EPS 8.0 incorporates cutting-edge technologies like Anti-ransomware & Behavioral Detection Systems to block cyber threats, providing real-time, multi-layered protection from intrusion detection scans all the way to asset management.


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