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The killer VR headset as a prototype model developed by Palmer Luckey,that he didn’t try yet

If the Squid Game Series introduced virtual reality to gaming mainstream, then the Oculus Rift headsets can give players a taste of the truth that is both irreversible and sour. The man widely regarded as the “godfather” of virtual reality (VR), Palmer Luckey, claims to have created a “Killer VR headset” that he delivered to Facebook. There is zero connection to aesthetics or completion. If you lose in the game, it can have real-world consequences. The killer virtual reality headset was created by Palmer Luckey, a former defense contractor, as a prototype model. He explains that the new killer VR headgear was motivated by an occurrence in Sword Art Online where a team of gamers with such a NerveGear are kept prisoner by a mad scientist with the only method of escape is to play the game to its conclusion. The story’s blog post was released the same day as the game’s release. It’s possible this is a game, but it’s not one you want to play, he tweeted. To mark the sixth anniversary of the Sword Art Online Event in 2022, I created the OPQNVG, the first VR device with the ability to kill the user. Interestingly, Mark Zuckerberg renamed this innovation as the backbone of Meta. To paraphrase the equipment’s sales pitch, “You want NerveGear, the remarkable gear that flawlessly recreates reality through a direct neural interface and is also capable of murdering the user. Palmer writes on his blog, “The concept of linking your actual life to your virtual avatar has long fascinated me — you quickly increase the stakes to the utmost level and compel people to radically rethink how people interact with the virtual world as well as the players inside of it.” 

The nodes atop the display screen of the killer VR headsets release high-current electric pulses that are capable of causing irreparable brain damage. Whenever the game ends or the player activates the corresponding “game over” screen, the charges detonate at a predetermined rate. While Luckey’s background in defense technology helped, he still barely made it halfway. His SAO counterpart was able to avoid detection by his superiors and business associates while wearing the headset, but he was unable to do the same. After his attempts to replicate NerveGear’s microwave technology failed, he opted for a version that relied on an explosive modular charge, a technique he had previously employed in “other projects,” as detailed in the blog. Palmer claims his goal is to give players a more grounded sense of dread and impending doom in his games. It’s not the end of the story yet. Like NerveGear, he intends to make it tamper-proof & impossible to remove. He claims he lacked the intestinal fortitude to try and implement this functionality himself. It will take a long time for “the perfect VR half of the equation,” as Luckey put it. He acknowledged that the equipment contains flaws that could prove fatal for the athlete in the wrong situation and promised to address them. He alludes to the eventual prevalence of these killer devices by comparing his creation to office art for the time being and a non-fiction instance of VR art.


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