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Technology firm Payoda to double its manpower by 2025, hire across domestic and offshore offices

Pioneering software development and technology firm Payoda, which has over the past two decades evolved into a multinational entity with deep understanding of business context and strong engineering & design practices, has unveiled its hiring plans for the near future. The company is now poised to increase the existing team size by at least 100% by 2025, taking the headcount well over 1000 strong Payodians. Headquartered at Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu, the company at present has workplaces in Chennai and Hyderabad, along with offshore offices in Texas, Dubai and Romania.

Elaborating upon the company’s hiring scheme up till 2025, Karunya Sampath, Co-founder & CEO, Payoda said, “Technological advancements over the past couple of years have triggered a pertinent need for stakeholders to expand their horizon through robust infrastructure and skilled human resources. To keep pace with time, we have put in place a strategic hiring plan wherein the strength at all our centres would improve. Even as we would continue to have most team members from India, we foresee expansion in our global teams in the near future.”

S/he further said that the strategic need-based hiring plan for the next three years encapsulate all key departments such as Technology, Sales, HR, Admin and marketing. Interestingly, Payoda has implemented a unique pre-onboarding engagement process, which enshrines a step-by-step process of engaging and acquainting offered candidates with policies and processes even before their date of joining. Besides, the company intermittently ensures Integrated Learning Program to offer blended experience combining work and learning. Such initiative resultantly enables best-in-class opportunity for team members to get deployed in projects that bank on hot and trending skills.

The company which offers diverse tech-powered services like Experience design, Advanced analytics, Cloud transformation, Digital web and mobility, Product engineering, Block chain, Robotic process automation, Quality engineering and Internet of Things, currently has a hybrid work model in place. While teams at Payoda work from office for three days in a week, the members have the flexibility of working remotely for the remaining two days.


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