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Tech Trends and Prediction 2023

The below quotes are furnished by Pramod Sharda, CEO, of IceWarp India, and Middle East:

SMB Trends

In recent years we have seen the topic of cyber security move from the IT department to the board rooms. As attacks have burgeoned and the potential penalties, both regulatory and in terms of loss of customer trust, have increased, it has become a matter of greatest importance at every organizational level. The more devices we get connected, the more potential doors and windows exist that attackers can use to get in and access our data. In 2023, analysts at Gartner predict there will be 43 billion IoT-connected devices in the world. Even in the face of global economic instability, channel partners have consistently demonstrated an ability to adapt.

Tech Predictions

 In the next few months, the channel will see a surge in sales to small and medium-sized firms. With malicious hackers in full force both internationally and nationally. Cybersecurity sales will play a significant role in the previously mentioned SMB trend. Furthermore, unified communications as a service and workplace collaboration solutions will boost growth for the majority of channel partners this year. Additionally, this year, not only will channel sales managers have to be fully versed in partner automation but integrating the organizations’ tech stacks will also be a priority in 2023.

Expectations 2023

In 2023, we are keen on channels attaining greater customer intimacy and understanding of their specific challenges to help unlock opportunities and drive positive customer outcomes. Adding value for their clients by always being there to guide users through the adoption and usage of the solutions at the workplace will be a key expectation as the Email and Collaboration market will continue to grow and revive significantly in 2023.


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