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Spotted Intel’s Entry-Level Core i3-13100 CPU With Quad Core Design, Great For Budget Gaming Builds

The 13th generation Intel Core i3-13100 Pc CPU has been found, and it sports a basic design with only four P-cores. 

CPU-z Verification Reveals 3.4 GHz Clock Speed for Intel’s Quad-Core Core i3-13100 Processor 

All of Intel’s 13th generation Raptor Lake processors, including the Core i9-13900K(F), Core i7-13700K(F), & Core i5-13600K, will be “K” series processors upon launch (F). However, rumors over the past few months have suggested that Intel is also working on certain popular Non-K & T-Series components. Since none of AMD’s current AM5 components can match the value of the mainstream portfolio or the already-existing 12th Gen CPU line, this will be the company’s primary problem moving forward. 

This Intel Core i3-13100 processor, for example, has recently been spotted in the CPU-z database. The Raptor Lake processor, or should we call it Alder Lake?, features a four-core architecture with 8 threads. Our reasoning for labeling this component as Alder Lake rather than Raptor Lake is based on the fact that it shares the same 12 MB L3 & 5 MB L2 cache architecture as the Alder Lake Core i3-12100. 

Clock speeds of 3.41 GHz have been seen for the CPU, although these are not the final values. Since the existing Core i3-12100 has a base/boost clock of 3.3/4.3 GHz, there is no possibility that its replacement will offer lower clock rates, hence the multiplier and bus speed have been adjusted. Since 13th Generation CPUs have been proven to work with both older 600-series and brand-new 700-series motherboards, testing was conducted on a Gigabyte B660 Gaming X system.


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