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Sify reports Consolidated Financial Results for Q3 FY 2022-23

(IN INR MILLION) 31.12.2022 31.03.2022
EQUITY 15,110 14,476
Long term 13,111 7,769
Short term 7,116 7,483


Mr. Raju Vegesna, Chairman, said, “India’s resilience, demonstrated post covid, has firmly established it as an economy that is not easily disturbed by changes in the business environment. This, supported with an aggressive adoption of digital tools, has worked well for the economy.

The government’s larger agenda of ensuring that social measures reach the intended beneficiaries is a work in progress and will continue to drive domestic IT demand. International demand is expected to continue due to the comparable attractiveness of the Indian market, in spite of a tightening world economy.

Viewed together, this works well for an economy that is still at the early stages of realizing its potential”.

Mr. Kamal Nath, CEO, said, “Indian Enterprises have fast-tracked their digital initiatives based on their success navigating the pandemic and are now operationalizing pandemic-era innovations. Enterprise priorities are building businesses-aligned digital models, enhancing end-user experience, deploying resilient business continuity models and mitigating security risks.

Our Data Center and Cloud services, Digital and Network services are all important building blocks to enable customers’ business priorities, and we expect each of the businesses to grow with the related investments”.

Mr. M P Vijay Kumar, ED & Group CFO, said, “Our investment into the Data Center side of the business continues, with incoming demand from both retail and hyperscale customers. We have scaled up investments in our fibre network in select metro cities and in people for our digital services business.

Network connectivity, Cloud interconnects and the resultant investment in tools, process and people will augment this demand.

Fiscal discipline will be a constant, particularly in our investment process.

Cash balance at the end of the quarter was INR 4,256 Million”.


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