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Reasons Behind Tech Mahindra Got Partnered With The Foxconn-Initiated MIH Consortium

Tech Mahindra, a frontrunner in digital transformation, consultancy, & business re-engineering, has announced a partnership with the open EV coalition MIH (Mobility in Harmony) Consortium, founded by Foxconn. The collaboration’s goal is to improve the mobility industry for everyone involved by creating next-generation Electrical Cars, autonomous driving technologies, and mobility service applications. 

Tech Mahindra will contribute its software, design development, and consulting experience to the cooperation in order to help MIH create the architecture and platforms for software-defined vehicles that will benefit their clients and other stakeholders. To bridge that gap for alliance members and speed up innovation & decrease development times, the partnership will also concentrate on leveraging important technologies and producing reference designs & standards.

Global Head of Integrated Engineering Services, Narasimham RV, Tech Mahindra, said, “The Indian Electric Vehicle market size is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 65.1%(2022-2029). At Tech Mahindra, we aim to contribute to this growth and our partnership with MIH Consortium is a step forward in this direction. Together with MIH Consortium, we will focus on making EV cars a reality by 2025 by creating intelligent, innovative, and sustainable mobility solutions and infrastructure. We are confident that our technical prowess in the automotive sector and decades of experience in the field of engineering coupled with MIH Consortium’s strong expertise in mobility will help generate groundbreaking results in the EV market.

Tech Mahindra collaborates with engineering enterprises all over three key tenets to provide exponential value through the development of robust products, pervasive platforms, & cyber factories. The company has over 50 exclusive global engineering centers that support the launch of new programs and over 350 active customers from around the world.

The Chief Executive Officer of MIH Consortium, Jack Cheng, said “We at MIH are very pleased to have Tech Mahindra onboard with our Consortium as they bring close to 26 years of deep automotive domain expertise to the alliance. Their lead into the EV vehicle technologies would very well add immense value to the alliance and its members in furthering the vision of creating an open EV ecosystem that promotes collaboration in the mobility industry. I look forward to welcoming Tech Mahindra into the Alliance and foresee them to be a very critical player in this consortium.

To date, the MIH Consortium has attracted approximately 2,460 individuals from 65 different nations and regions. The group’s goal is to standardize EV technology and lead the Electric Vehicle revolution by developing an open EV ecosystem that fosters cooperation among the mobility industry’s main OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers, & Electronic Stability Programs(ESPs). 

Tech Mahindra’s commitment to digital expansion is shown in this cooperation; specifically, Tech Mahindra invests in cutting-edge solutions and technologies that facilitate digital transformation and cater to the ever-changing demands of their customers as part of their NXT.NOWTM framework. 

About the Multidisciplinary Imaging and Health Sciences Collaborative 

The Mobility Industry Host (MIH) Consortium is building a platform for electric vehicle (EV) collaboration. To decrease the barrier to entry, speed up innovation, and shorten development cycles, we realize essential technologies, provide reference designs, & establish standards across the ecosystem. Their mission is to unite the industry’s key players to create the next wave of electric vehicle (EV), autonomous vehicle (AD), and mobility service (MS) software. Innovating the automobile business and the smart transportation sector in this way contributes to a more sustainable future. For us, MIH is an abbreviation for “Mobility in Harmony,” which describes their goal well.


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