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Prime Minister Narendra Modi has emphasized the importance of using cutting-edge technology to monitor economic criminals

On the occasion of the DRI’s 65th anniversary, Modi stated that the organization has been “a prominent voice” in international efforts to track down and prosecute fugitive financial offenders and organized crime networks. 

Revenue intelligence officials have been urged by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to adopt the newest worldwide industry standards in technology in order to identify and prosecute economic offenders. 

According to Modi’s speech commemorating the 65th anniversary of the founding of the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI), India has been a “leading voice” for organized global initiatives in intelligence, investigation, & indictment of fugitive economic offenders & organized crime syndicates.

When the problem is global, the solution has to be global too,” he said.

The fast-paced technological changes necessitate keeping pace with the latest trends in fintech and digital systems through upgradation of skills and systems”, Modi said.

I am sure that the DRI will continuously adapt global best practices and processes to further protect the nation’s economy,” in a written message said the prime minister.

He urged the DRI officers to make it their mission to help India become more prosperous and independent in the following 25 years of Amrit Kaal.

The “indefatigable efforts” of DRI personnel have been recognized by Modi for their contributions to the fight against financial fraud and the protection of the country’s economic interests. 

A total of 3,463 kilograms of heroin (including 2,988 kilograms seized at Mundra port) were confiscated by DRI personnel in the previous fiscal year (2021-22), along with 833 kilograms of gold & 321 kilograms of cocaine. 

National Security Advisor Ajit Doval wrote that DRI has played a crucial role in the interception and investigation of cases involving sensitive dual-use commodities.

This has contributed immensely to the security of the nation, safety of its citizens and India’s impeccable record in non-proliferation of sensitive technologies,” Doval said.


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