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NovelVox introduces HubSpot CTI Connectors for Cisco and Avaya Contact Centers

NovelVox, a market leader in the contact center industry, has recently launched HubSpot CTI Connectors for Cisco Finesse and Avaya Contact Centers. The connectors will enable Cisco and Avaya contact center agents to handle calls from within the HubSpot CRM, saving them from unnecessary screen toggling. The unified CTI interface with embedded telephony controls and powerful agent productivity features is intended to improve the agent experience while personalizing the customer interaction experience.
NovelVox’s CTI integration library covers leading CRM, CSM, and Ticketing applications: Salesforce, ServiceNow, Zendesk, Freshdesk, MS Dynamics, Epic, and Oracle Service Cloud. The company is thrilled to announce the addition of HubSpot CRM to this integration library and is looking forward to uncovering exciting opportunities & experiences for the CC industry.

Some striking features of the HubSpot CTI Connector:

  • Embedded CTI interface within HubSpot CRM
  • Equips Cisco & Avaya telephony controls & actions
  • Click to dial, Screen Pop, and more to improve agent productivity
  • Agent & team Performance Statistics
  • Reporting & Monitoring actions for Supervisors
  • Automated call logs
  • Custom CRM workflows

NovelVox’s CEO Amit Gandhi states, “Having to use multiple disparate applications while handling live calls is painful for agents, and being a global contact center solution provider, we totally understand this. Our CTI connectors save agents from such manual efforts by not just connecting a CRM to a CC telephony system, but also equipping the CTI interface with advanced agent controls and actions. We are extremely delighted to announce HubSpot as another CRM that goes into our CTI integration library and look forward to building a more advanced, tech-driven solution stack with every release”


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