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NFT Minting made Easy with Mint Valley, powered by MOI

Mint Valley, a holistic web3 Digital assets platform, was launched in UAE  on the sidelines of the Dubai Design Week 2022  held from November 8 to November 12.  Mint Valley is powered by  MOI (My Own Internet), the world’s first context-aware p2p network enabling sustainability, scalability, and personalization in the Metaverse. In collaboration with their Middle East partner MetaDecrypt,  Mint Valley also presented the participants at the Design Week with Proof of Attendance tokens and personalized NFT certificates.

Mint Valley is a personalized ecosystem for artists, creators, and technologists to create, list, sell, and share digital assets.  A holistic NFT and Metaverse platform, Mint Valley allows users to create, customize, and sell Digital with no transaction fees, easy wallet access, and a simple and fast user experience.  The platform supports buying and selling of Digital Assets completely in fiat currencies in a regulatory-friendly manner.

NFTs have become significantly popular among art lovers and investors in recent years. As per the Dapp Radar report, NFT sales volumes totaled roughly $24.9 billion in 2021 which was a tremendous rise from roughly $94.9 million in 2020. With the considerable increase in usage, Mint Valley provides a platform for the smooth execution of minting and trading digital assets while keeping the user experience simple and easy to navigate.

Mint Valley is built on top of  MOI (My Own Internet), a decentralized global web3 network that supports humanized interactions on the internet enabling true P2P value transfers and personalized digital interactions. It is a user-centric personalization protocol for the emerging digitally interacting world. With MOI, billions of transactions can be sustainably and securely executed across millions of nodes.

“We are delighted to have Mint Valley,  a one-stop destination for listing, selling, and sharing of digital assets, as part of the MOI eco-system.  Through this product, users will get a personalized experience at lightning-fast speed with absolutely zero transaction costs in all of their interactions on the platform. The process for minting NFTs varies a lot depending on the platform. All one needs is a distinctive digital asset, a non-custodial hot wallet, and a renowned and trusted NFT marketplace and Mint Valley is the primary solution to that.” – Anantha Krishnan, CEO, Sarva Labs


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