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Kishore G, the ‘Kantara’ actor’s account got suspended by Twitter for violating rules

Actor Kishore Kumar G’s account on the microblogging service Twitter was temporarily deactivated for violating Twitter’s terms of service. 

Kishore, who starred in the online series “She” and “The Family Man” season one, used the handle “@actorkishore” on the social media site. 

Suspended access to account. If you try to look up the actor’s handle on Twitter, you’ll get the notice, “Twitter suspends accounts that breach the Twitter Rules.” When precisely the account was locked is unclear. 

Last year’s smash blockbuster Kannada film “Kantara” starred Kishore as the honorable forest officer Muralidhar, and the actor is well-known for his outspokenness and willingness to share his opinions on social media. 

The actor, now 48 years old, maintains an online presence on Facebook and Instagram. With over 43,000 on the former more than 66,000 on the latter, he has a sizable online following. There is no way to verify either story. 

He said on Instagram that the 30th of December, the day the Adani group took complete control of NDTV, was a “Black Day” for free press & Indian democracy. 

On the same day, he mentioned a supposed video of a man “who insulted God Kantara” and then “bleeds to death” in another post. 

Kishore said in response to the video, “Whether it is God or Demon, why don’t we see it as just a belief. A thing is possible only if you think it does; if you can’t understand, it doesn’t. 

However, there should be no need to mock the faith that gives so many of us strength in times of adversity. Criminals should be dealt with by the law. Allow people to make their own decisions regarding religion. 

The rural Karnataka setting of “Kantara” allows for exploration of issues such as the tension between nature & development, the potential of harmony between religious belief and reason, and more.


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