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Iris Global delivers HP Desktops & Workstations​ worth Rs 3 Crore for RMK Group thru Partner

The Delhi-based IT Distributor of Choice – Iris Global Services has delivered ​HP Computer Hardware to the Chennai-based RMK Group thru its partner ​M/s HV Solution.​

Arjun Krishna Kumar, CEO, of HV Solution - fyi9
Arjun Krishna Kumar, CEO, of HV Solution

Speaking to the newsman, Iris Partner Mr. Arjun Krishna Kumar, CEO, of HV Solution said – “We have installed 320 HP i7 Desktops and 100 HP i9 Workstations at the RMK Group.
One of their institutes is using 320 i7 Desktops for their new state-of-the-art computer lab, and another 100 workstations split by 3 institutes are for AR / VR learning”.

“Through this procurement 1,000 students, every year will get excellent exposure towards AR / VR technology. The institution is also tied up with 3rd party experts to certify the students on the same”.

H.V.Solutions - fyi9

RMK Group is a Chennai-based educational conglomerate, RMK Engineering College has been their flagship institute known for Technical Studies. ​HVSolution is an in-one roof I.T Solutions Tier 3 provider.“ We have been an Iris Partner for over 3 years, and we are particularly very happy with Iris’s flexibility in financing and structuring commercial terms to suit our requirements” said Mr. Krishna Kumar.

Mr. Immanuel RM, TN-Iris Global said – “We are working out another large deal for HP Desktops for HV Solutions for yet another EduTech institute” Also with H V Solutions we have closed multiple deals of Viewsonic Interactive panels in a couple of reputed Educational Institutes in Chennai.

“As we are looking for more orders to come in from RMK we also would like Iris could work on Stock and Sell as well for helping resellers like us”, Mr. Krishan Kumar concluded.

Iris’s partners & associates are comfortable with their transparent & impeccable personal touch, and quick response that gets them bridge over difficult deals and provides deliveries on time.

Iris has been untiringly providing Education technology & Solutions enabling Educational institutes to continue imparting education.

They have deployed over 8,000 HP Computers to Kendriya Vidyalaya, Iris eTabs for nLearn solutions for Narayana Institute, Hyderabad, set up Smart Classes of over 1,000 schools at Ladhakh, and many more.

Mr. Sanjiv Krishen, Founder Chairman, Iris Global
Mr. Sanjiv Krishen, Founder Chairman, Iris Global

“We continue significantly empowering Digitalization of India with the education sector as one of the Iris’s strong forte. We are closing over Rs 2,000 crores in revenue this year” said Mr. Sanjiv Krishen, Founder, and Chairman, of Iris Global Services.

Iris also helped the Noida-based Public Sector Undertaking – EdCIL, Educational Consultant India Limited to help create Educational Infrastructure at Mauritius.


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