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In 2023 we will increase our reach by increasing stocking points and increasing service points which will in long term increase our market share of the product

Consistent Infosystems Private Limited is a leading provider of IT hardware, security and surveillance, print consumables, and electronics & home entertainment products in India. The company was founded in 2011 in New Delhi by Nitin Bansal and Yogesh Agrawal, with a focus on delivering value to customers through quality and service. Consistent has since become one of the fastest-growing organizations in the technology sector and has expanded its presence across all major states in India. Below is a transcript from a recent interaction between team FYI9 and Yogesh Agrawal, CEO, and Co-Founder of CONSISTENT INFOSYSTEMS PRIVATE LIMITED.

Prateek: Tell us about the journey of CONSISTENT Infosystems.

Yogesh Agrawal: Over the years, CONSISTENT has grown successfully and has increased its footprint in PAN India with 20+ branches, a team of 300+ employees and 50+ products in its portfolio. Leadership and vision clubbed with teamwork and technological advancement in the products have made CONSISTENT a promising brand offering technologically superior products and world-class technical support.

Today, CONSISTENT has more than 3500+ channel partners and 55+ service centers across the country ensuring the best customer satisfaction and excellent after-sales support making them stand out of the crowd.  The brand works closely with its partners and has been able to manage a good TAT of around 15 minutes for walk-in customers in almost all physical service centers. And for outside service center locations, it takes at the most 1 to 2 days to resolve almost all service/replacement issues across the country. CONSISTENT offers 5 years replacement warranty on all its SSDs and 3 years on Motherboards making them the best in the industry.

Prateek: How was the year 2022 in terms of revenue for the organization?

Yogesh Agrawal: The Company is consistently growing and is witnessing 4 times the sales since 2019 with double-digit growth YoY. In the Year 2022, we witnessed considerable growth with remarkable sales and distribution numbers in all of our product categories. Among all the major product categories that we are selling, we rank among the top two vendors. Also, we hold a significant share of the product line in the market. In 2023 we will increase our reach by increasing stocking points and increasing service points which will in long term increase our market share of the product.

Prateek: What is the current market share of CONSISTENT Infosystems? And what will be your strategy for expansion in the year 2023?

Yogesh Agrawal: Today, Consistent has direct branches in almost all major state capitals, ensuring the best after-sales support which makes it stand out of the crowd. Now we are planning to cover cities with a 10 lakh population and to tap around 64 cities all over India. And by the end of the year, we will have 52 more cities with a 10 lakh population as a part of increasing our geo-spread.

Prateek: What are some of the highest-selling products?

Yogesh Agrawal: CONSISTENT has a vast product portfolio ranging from Motherboards, Hard Disk, RAM, Monitor, LED TVs, External Hard Drives, Dongles, Pen drives, CPU Coolers, SMPS, PoE Switches, Currency Counting Machines, Graphics Card and Toner Cartridge etc. All the CONSISTENT products are doing well in the market with the SSD category topping the list. The brand focuses on delivering quality & service and these parameters remain of utmost importance in everything we do to provide customer satisfaction.

In 2023, we have lots of products planned to be launched; like in the CCTV category we have CCTV Camera, CCTV Cables, and we have also recently launched our 4G Router. We will also be introducing more products such as DVR Rack and Cartridge as a part of our product portfolio soon.

Prateek: What makes CONSISTENT Infosystems different from its competitors?

Yogesh Agrawal: CONSISTENT, as a brand believes in leadership and vision, clubbed with teamwork and technological advancement in the products can make a brand promising and stand out against the competition.

Working on the same vision, the brand works closely with its channel community organizing regular training programs on a joint Go-to-Market strategy. CONSISTENT also understands the importance of its channel community and hence works closely with them for a growth-driven business module. CONSISTENT is known for its after-sales services. When it comes to customer satisfaction, we take customer feedback seriously due to which our customer feedback rating is always 4.6 out of 5. We also take great care when it comes to delivering our products to our partners as we follow Amazon Service Style where we update our partners on every step in their delivery process through WhatsApp.

Availability of the Stocks at 20+ stocking points across India and regular increase in the product range makes our business stand out from the competition. In 2023, we aim to accelerate our reach by increasing stocking points and service points which in a long term will enhance our market share of the products.

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