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Intel to release significant graphics driver improvement in Feb

Intel faces challenges in the dedicated GPU market, with the delayed launch and initial flaws in its first GPU series. Despite these issues, Intel has made progress in fixing deficiencies and strives to improve its dedicated graphics offerings.

Sources indicate to PC Games Hardware that Intel is set to launch a major driver update for its Arc graphics cards in Feb, with possible changes to graphics control software.

A major limitation of Arc Alchemist is the lack of native support for DX9 due to the prioritization of development efforts on DX12. Despite the shift from DX9 to DX11 in gaming over the past decade, popular titles like CS:GO still use DX9. The Alchemist GPUs initially performed poorly on these games compared to other cards but improved with the December driver update.

The upcoming February driver update is expected to improve further performance on DX9, DX11, DX12, and Vulkan, while also adding new features. No specific examples of these new features were provided by PCGH sources.

The February update for Intel Arc graphics could feature a revamp of graphics control and an update schedule. Although Intel has not publicly disclosed the new software, Linus Tech Tips and Albert Thomas of Toms Hardware have confirmed its existence through Intel sources. The current graphics control method, Arc Control, has received criticism for being an overlay without an adjustable window, instead of standalone software. The new app will reportedly combine Arc Control’s features into a single interface, satisfying users who dislike the overlay. A leaked roadmap shows Intel’s plans to refresh the Alchemist lineup this year before launching the Battlemage series in 2024, which may include Intel’s first enthusiast-level GPU and improve ray tracing, memory, and machine learning.


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