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Google is warning of the need to exercise caution when deploying new AI-based systems

Google has explained its reasoning for taking a more measured approach when introducing new AI-based innovations like the LaMDA chatbot and Waymo self-driving car. The LaMDA chatbot, which is built on a similar large language model (LLM), is capable of having intelligent conversations similar to ChatGPT. The company is taking a slower approach to ensure that these technologies are implemented in a safe and responsible way.

Google’s executives have recently discussed the company’s approach to implementing AI in a blog post, noting that it’s an exciting time in the development of AI. They emphasized that the company is taking a methodical approach to ensure that the technology is implemented safely and responsibly. This comes as AI becomes a prominent topic in 2023, with OpenAI’s ChatGPT chatbot leading the way in this field.

Google’s blog post emphasized the company’s approach of applying a “scientific method” to AI R&D, which includes research rigor, peer review, readiness reviews and responsible approaches to providing access to and externalizing the use of its innovations. The post also highlighted the complexities and risks associated with deploying AI tools and how Google is already utilizing AI in its core products such as Search, Maps, Photos, Workspace, and Android phones.

In the blog post, Google acknowledged the complexities and risks associated with AI and emphasized the need for addressing them in its development of the technology. The company stated that achieving success with AI, which entails innovating and delivering widely accessible benefits to people and society while mitigating its risks, must be a collective effort involving the company and others. The company also emphasized the importance of earning public trust in order for AI to fully realize its potential for people and society.


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