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Google is going to upgrade Ads feature with business names & logos

Ads in Google Search will soon no longer be labeled as such, and will instead feature company names and logos to help users differentiate them from organic results. Companies’ names will now appear at the very top of search advertising. 

In the past, search ads displayed the landing page’s URL first, followed by the ad title. Also, the brand will now include company logos in search ad displays. Clicking on an ad will now more clearly direct users to the respective company’s website. 

Search ads can be distinguished from organic search snippets by their distinctive feature: a company logo in the top left corner of the ad. The majority of the time, the results of an organic search will be presented in plain text, with an occasional image preview appearing on the far right. 

Google is also replacing the “Ad” label with the “Sponsored” label. These changes to Google Search advertisements are currently being rolled out on mobile devices, with a desktop version to follow. Ads with brand names & logos in Google Search are currently in beta and available only to select advertisers. 

The account has been active for longer than 90 days. 

The account has a proven track record of adhering to all applicable guidelines. 

Campaigns are currently running for this account. 

Account has been running Search campaigns with ad spend for at least the last 28 days and also has text ads active. 

The business’s vertical or sub-vertical falls within the acceptable range. At present time, Business Information is not available in sensitive industries or sub-industries. 

The account has been verified as a legitimate business by Google’s advertising service. 

Any data that is automatically added to a profile that the organization does not wish to include can be reviewed and removed. All company names and logos will be checked by Google for conformity to Google Ads standards and format requirements. In cases when Google is unable to incorporate the company name, it will instead use the domain from the display URL. If Google’s logo isn’t displayed, a blue globe icon will be substituted.


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