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Google has introduced new enhancements to improve the Chrome experience on Android

The company has added several new features to the Chrome browser, aimed at making it faster and more convenient for users.

One of the new features is the option to preview tabs before opening them. This allows users to see what content is on a tab before they actually open it, saving time and data usage. The feature also helps users to keep their browsing organized and clutter-free.

In addition, Google has also added a new feature that suggests articles and websites that are related to the current page being viewed. This feature makes it easy for users to find additional content that may be of interest to them, without having to perform a separate search.

The company said, “Partial Custom Tabs is currently supported by a handful of browsers, including Chrome, and we look forward to additional browser support soon.”

“Users will know that when they open the web from your app, it will be running in Chrome’ so they can use their most loved Chrome features like saved passwords and autofill,”.

Another improvement is the ability to switch between tabs more easily, thanks to the addition of a new tab switcher. This feature makes it possible to move between open tabs with a simple swipe of the finger, making browsing more intuitive and user-friendly.

Finally, Google has made it possible for users to take a screenshot of a full web page, not just the visible portion. This feature is particularly useful for capturing long articles or pages that extend beyond the screen.

Overall, these new features are designed to enhance the user experience and make Chrome on Android more convenient and efficient to use.


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