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Google has announced early access to its competitor to ChatGPT

Google has announced the release of its generative AI competitor to ChatGPT, named Bard. However, the product will not be immediately available to everyone, as Google is initially conducting a limited public rollout. Bard is being referred to as an “early experiment” that allows users to collaborate with generative AI.

Similar to OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Microsoft’s Bing chatbot, Bard is a chatbot that utilizes a large language model, specifically a lightweight and optimized version of LaMDA. Google has indicated that the language model will be updated with newer and more advanced models in the future. Early access to Bard has been made available in the US and UK, with plans to expand access to additional countries and languages over time.

 Google said in a blogpost,”You can use Bard to boost your productivity, accelerate your ideas and fuel your curiosity. You might ask Bard to give you tips to reach your goal of reading more books this year, explain quantum physics in simple terms or spark your creativity by outlining a blogpost.”

Users can engage with Bard by posing questions and fine-tuning their responses through follow-up queries. Google has committed to enhancing Bard over time and incorporating additional capabilities such as coding, support for more languages, and multimodal experiences.


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