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Get the latest ultra short throw smart projectors with 20,000 lamp-free hours by ViewSonic

The latest Ultra Short Throw Smart Laser Projectors from ViewSonic, the world’s leading visual solutions provider, are the X2000B-4K & X2000L-4K, and they boast a lamp-free lifespan of 20,000 hours. 

According to ViewSonic India’s VP of Sales and Marketing, Muneer Ahmad, the company’s flagship models, the X2000B-4K & X2000L-4K, is the first Ultra Short Throw smart laser projectors, making them perfect for use in the home. 

The ultra-short throw ratio of the projectors is 0.22, a 100″ screen may be displayed at a distance of only 23 cm from the wall. 

And because you can tweak the angle at which the image is projected, you may enjoy crystal-clear imagery from any vantage point. According to ViewSonic, the projected image will have exact proportions thanks to the 60-point adjustment capacity. 

Screen mirroring is one of its features that makes it easy to cast video from a mobile device to a larger display. 

The projectors include two 50W Harman Kardon speakers built in, plus they support Dolby and DTS audio formats and HDMI audio return channels for simple audio integration. 

The projector’s built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, & USB Type-C connectors make it simple to mirror information from mobile devices like smartphones and tablets on a huge display. 

Entertainment options are expanded thanks to the projectors’ ability to link up with a gaming console. A Bluetooth headset is supported for listening. Black and white projector models are available. 

  • ViewSonic debuted the X1 & X2 LED home projectors in India earlier this month. They feature screen mirroring, Bluetooth, WiFi, & built-in Harman Kardon speakers. For 3,990,000, you may purchase a ViewSonic X2000L/B-4K HDR Projector.


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