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For the first time in India the 13th Gen Intel® Core™ processor family is Launched by Intel

Intel released its newest 13th-generation Intel Core processors in India. These include six new unlocked desktop processors, the fastest of which is the Core i9-13900K. 

The desktop family of the 13th Generation Intel Core processors comprises 22 processors and more than 125 partner system designs, giving users a wide range of options in terms of both application performance & platform compatibility. The family is led by the Intel Core K series of unlocked processors. 

There were full tower desktops, tiny form factor computers, and desktops with unique water loops on display at the experience event, as claimed by Intel. 

When it comes to “the world’s greatest gaming, streaming, & recording experience,” the new Core i9-13900K is your best bet. It’s been said that its improved performance will allow it to push high frame rates & provide the best gaming experience in the world for AAA games. 

The new desktop processors are touted to allow higher system performance because they are built on a refined Intel 7 process and Intel’s performance hybrid architecture. The company claims an increase of up to 41% in multithreaded performance & an increase of up to 15% in single-threaded performance. 

Overclocking is claimed to be possible on all 13th-generation Intel Core “K” processors. For the 13th generation of Intel Core unlocked processors, Intel has also improved its one-click overclocking function, Intel Speed Optimizer. 

Intel is releasing the new Intel 700 Series chipset alongside the 13th generation Intel Core desktop processors. As an added bonus, Intel is introducing both forward & backward compatibility. 

On October 21, India will have access to the 13th generation Intel Core desktop “K” CPU.


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