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Finally The Microsoft Team Is Fixing One Of The Worst Things About PowerPoint Presentations

A new upgrade to Microsoft Teams slides may soon make the days of straining your eyes to see tiny, fuzzy writing on a laptop screen a thing of the past. 

By letting users expand or magnify individual slides, the video conferencing service removes a significant annoyance from viewing presentations online via Teams. 

According to Microsoft’s official 365 roadmaps (opens in new tab), the upcoming upgrade will allow PowerPoint Live viewers to “privately magnify the slide,” which should alleviate some if not all, viewer eye strain. 

PowerPoint presentations created with Microsoft Teams Presenters will be able to enlarge individual slides for all conference attendees, which may be helpful not only for viewing but also for drawing attention to key areas or data points, such as financial figures or data comparisons. 

Currently marked as “in progress,” the upgrade is expected to go live in November 2022 and be made accessible to all users of Microsoft Teams around the world. 

Users of Microsoft Teams on Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android will have access to it. 

This is the next step in the integration of Microsoft Teams & PowerPoint Live, as the company works to strengthen the bonds across its most widely used products. 

One way in which Microsoft plans to enhance the PowerPoint experience is by incorporating two existing technologies, Cameo & Recording Studio, which were launched in 2021. 

Additionally, Microsoft introduced a recording studio within PowerPoint for pre-show preparation. The goal is for users to evaluate the film and fine-tune their presentation before posting it on Microsoft Teams. 

Recently, the business announced that PowerPoint Live now supports live slide translation, allowing slides to be immediately translated throughout a Microsoft Teams call. By right-clicking on the presentation, the “Translate Slides” option appears, allowing the presenter and the audience to privately translate the presentation’s content.


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