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Facebook Coming Up With A New Feature ‘Secure Storage’

Facebook, the biggest social media platform, is planning to turn on end-to-end encryption for Messanger users in default settings. The tests are going on for the features encryption for chats between some people.

End-to-end encryption is a kind of service that encodes the content of a message so that only the sender and receiver can decode it, making the contents of messages inaccessible to users outside this loop. Even the platform itself is not able to recover the contents of end-to-end encrypted messages.M

Messanger is allowing users to turn on end-to-end encryption, but users must enable the same for every chat manually. The platform said that they wanted to turn on end-to-end encryption for all chats and calls in default settings by the year 2023.

Facebook is coming up with a new feature ‘secure storage’. This will help users encrypt users chat history back up stored on the cloud. Some more features like the ability to unsent messages and syncing deleted messages across devices is under development.


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