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Entrepreneur First announces increased investment and new leadership in India

Entrepreneur First is a global early-stage talent investing firm that helps entrepreneurs build startups from the pre-idea, pre-team stage. The global talent investor runs programmes across Europe, Asia and North America that enable exceptional individuals to meet like-minded co-founders, develop startup ideas, build businesses from scratch and secure funding from leading investors. Entrepreneur First was established in India in 2019 and has funded 45 technology companies co-founded via the programme.

Entrepreneur First has today announced their plans to double down on India in an effort to enable the next generation of Indian tech giants. Under this new strategy, they will be increasing their investment to $75,000 for each portfolio company going forward, and also expect to double the number of companies they invest in annually in India. Alongside access to capital, Entrepreneur First will also give founders access to a full global network of 60+ industry experts and advisors; successful operators and entrepreneurs who have built and scaled their businesses.

Reid Hoffman, the co-founder of LinkedIn and an investor in EF added, “I’m excited that Entrepreneur First is doubling down on India. The Indian startup ecosystem has already seen real success, but the best is yet to come. By investing further in the region, EF is going to play a key role in supercharging its growth. The next generation of Indian talent has the potential to build the iconic companies of tomorrow. Access to EF’s community, funding and networks can make it happen. Entrepreneur First is bringing the best of its global network to India to enable the country’s future founders to take their ideas from India to the world”.

Rahul Samat
Rahul Samat

Entrepreneur First has also announced the strategic appointment of Rahul Samat as Partner and India Head to lead the business and operations in the country. Rahul brings global expertise, hands-on experience as a founder, builder, and mentor, and a deep understanding of the Indian ecosystem. He joins Entrepreneur First following six years at Swiggy, where he created and grew their private brands business from pre-idea to a business unit that scaled into tens of millions of transactions.

Rahul has assisted many startups by mentoring and coaching them through their early stage product market fit journeys. At EF, he will enable ambitious entrepreneurs to unlock their potential, find the right co-founder, and apply their skills to some of the hardest problems faced today. Rahul will lead and expand EF’s team in India to offer expert, end-to-end support to founders – from the pre-idea stage, to finding product-market fit, and raising funds through EF’s vast investor network.

Commenting on the announcement, Rahul Samat added, “India possesses one of the world’s great talent pools, with some of the world’s best technical education, and a technology sector estimated to be worth $1T by 2030. To realize the potential of India’s talent pool in the coming years, early-stage investment has to transform into early-stage support. In addition to providing capital, EF enables every ambitious individual to find their co-founder and build globally important businesses from scratch. I’m excited to work with exceptional founders from India and help them along their way to creating global impact.”


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