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Easy password trap (taking the easy way out is not always the best option)

Cybercrimes are increasing day by day and one of the following reasons is setting EASY PASSWORD.  Nowadays each and every one of us has 10-15 apps to set passwords on, that’s why people fall for the easy password trap. Generally, users set an easy password or the same password in most apps due to the fear of forgetting the password and becoming victims of cybercrime.

Every day around 30 Thousand New Websites are hacked because of the easiest password used.

The most commonly used passwords worldwide are 123456, password, qwerty, 111111, abc123, welcome, and 123456789.  A study says, about only 7% of passwords are unique out of 15 billion passwords.  However urban women use 7% stronger passwords than men and are 8% less vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

Resetting passwords is not an easy task. Around 68% of women treat password reset as abortion. Around 38% of people in the world consider password resetting as retirement stress.  It is noted that people in the age group of 18-24 years neglect the damage caused by hacking, while the age group 25-35 years are most concerned about the possible harm.

It is found that meaningful passwords are much easier to Crack than meaningless passwords. Meaningless passwords which don’t make any sense are stronger passwords. A strong password contains uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters. Also, you can add the last 4 letters of the name of the app or company so that the password is different for all the platforms.  Strong and secure passwords should not contain personal information. Password should not be any dictionary word as they are easier to be cracked. The most popular hacking technique is the Dictionary attack. There are many tools like password generators to create a stronger and more secure password. Password generators are generally safe to use but choosing the best password generator is a must.


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