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DXC Technology Will Continue Operating Virtually, Not Calling Workers Back Soon

The 43,000 employees of DXC Technology who are operating in India would be able to keep their current work-from-home plans. This is coming as the Indian IT industry is steadily urging workers to return to offices in the face of high turnover, the need to increase hours worked, and the promotion of social capital.

Nachiket Sukhtankar
Nachiket Sukhtankar

I’m looking at continuing to use the virtual-first philosophy as a way to attract and retain talent. We are not bound to recruit in a particular location. We can give people the flexibility to work from where they feel most comfortable,” said Nachiket Sukhtankar, managing director of the Indian arm of the Virginia, US-based company.

More than two years ago, at the beginning of the Covid-19 epidemic, DXC Technology made the switch to a virtual-first strategy as part of its global ambition, allowing its 130,000-person workforce to work remotely. 

When compared to the return-to-work strategies of Indian IT firms, this strategy stands in stark contrast. 

Some businesses are also increasing their footprint in secondary and tertiary hubs. 

The news recently that India’s largest software services provider,, was planning to create operations in smaller cities & non-metro regions like Guwahati, Nagpur, as well as Goa. 

Based in Bengaluru 

As about 60% of workers evacuated to their hometowns during the pandemic, the company announced it will establish 1,000-seater offices in Coimbatore, Kolkata, Vizag, & Noida.

All offices (across 11 locations) officially remain closed. Unless employees have a contractual need to be in the office (from the client’s side), I’m not expecting people to come to the office,” Sukhtankar said.

When asked if the move would prompt a real estate rationalization initiative, Sukhantar said the company would seek to optimize existing facilities inherited through acquisitions & transform others into collaboration & innovation centers to demonstrate its operations to customers. 

In India, DXC Technology will add 12,000 to 15,000 full-time employees over the course of the next year. 

Most of the new hires will come from schools of engineering, and their focus will be on a cloud, security, statistics, process management services, and other digital capabilities. 


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