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Doceree Launches Specialized Patient Affordability Product to Improve Healthcare Outcomes at Digital Pharma East

Doceree Inc. today announced the launch of Doceree AssistTM, a specialized new product for the life sciences industry that enables healthcare professionals (HCPs) to communicate affordability messaging to patients, at prescribing moments within eRx platforms, thus helping in capturing higher number of prescriptions with about 70% coupon utilization.

The product comes at a time when up to 30% of new prescriptions are never filled at the pharmacy and abandonment reaches 69% for drugs with out-of-pocket costs of more than $250, according to the CDC. The issue of patient and prescription abandonment is one that has long plagued the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries despite the availability of patient co-pay coupons reaching $14 billion in 2020, but only 16% being used.

Doceree AssistTM, being exhibited at this year’s Digital Pharma East event in Philadelphia, aims to increase coupon redemption and reduce prescription abandonment, thus improving patient outcomes. The HIPPA- & CCPA-compliant product stands out by reporting Physician Level Data (PLD) data and adjudication and requires no upfront fees, or financial commitment. Brands pay monthly only on coupon distributed while also getting:

The access to the largest network of directly integrated point of care platforms with the Doceree for Provider network. Single dashboard view to see coupons distributed and adjudicated, along with demographic and other details of participating HCP and patient.

The innovative product is powered by Doceree’s proprietary identity-resolution technology, ESPYIANTM, which recognizes National Drug Code (NDC), patient insurance status, age and other business rules at the point of prescription to trigger the best pharmaceutical fit for the patient. This solution provides ease of use by enabling HCPs to easily pass the co-pay to patients through various channels such as print, email, text, along with sending the messaging directly to the pharmacy with the script.

“Doceree’s vision has always been to improve health outcomes for patients. I believe the best way to do this is by communicating directly to healthcare professionals at the point-of-care,” said Harshit Jain MD, Founder and Global CEO, Doceree. “Through Doceree Assist, patients will be able to receive affordability -related information directly from their trusted HCP, thus resulting in reduced prescription abandonment and better access to the medications they require.”

Doceree is pioneering HCP messaging globally with suite of its breakthrough products and solutions, aiming to bridge the communication gap between prescribers and patients at the point-of-care. Doceree AssistTM is a step further to help the healthcare industry address affordability issues, specifically as it relates to prescriptions and patient interactions. Ultimately, it can help improve patient care by improving access to prescribed treatment.


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