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Cycle tracking on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 will soon get a boost as users gain the ability to activate the temperature sensor

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 5  was launched in August of last year, following in the footsteps of its predecessor, the highly-regarded Galaxy Watch 4. In addition to boasting a larger battery and superior construction, the new smartwatch also introduced a temperature sensor, adding another useful feature to its list of capabilities.

Despite including a temperature sensor in the Galaxy Watch 5, Samsung had not yet put it to use. However, the tech giant has just revealed that it will soon be activated to support menstrual cycle tracking for women. Developed in collaboration with Natural Cycles, this new feature will be integrated into the Samsung Health app.

To make this possible, Samsung will utilize the same algorithm that Natural Cycles uses for its own temperature-based cycle tracking. The Galaxy Watch 5’s infrared skin temperature sensor will provide the data needed to detect and monitor changes in body temperature, which can provide insights into menstrual cycle patterns.


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