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Cell Phone shipments strike record $1 billion as subsidy scheme spurs Samsung and Apple output

In September, mobile phone exports from India broke the $1 billion barrier for the first time ever. This was made possible by the government’s PLI scheme, which has encouraged global players like Apple and Samsung to increase their local production for both the Indian market and international markets. 

Mobile Exports from India in September 2022
Mobile Exports from India in September 2022

When compared to the value of mobile phones exported in September 2021, it is anticipated that this figure will have increased by more than 200% in September 2022. “To sustain this growth, we are working on increasing competitiveness through lower prices, improved logistics, labor reforms, and strengthening of the ecosystem,” said Pankaj Mohindroo, Chairman of the phone industry group India Cellular & Electronics Association (ICEA). 

The mobile phone industry’s exports during the period of April to September more than quadrupled to $4.2 billion, up from $1.7 billion in the previous year’s comparable period. The previous record for the most cell phones delivered overseas in a single month was set in December of 2021 when $770 million worth of gadgets were exported. 

According to the data provided by ICEA, exports of mobile phones made up approximately 1% of output in 2016–2017, but this percentage is expected to rise to over 16% in 2021–2022. In the years 2022-2023, this figure is projected to climb to nearly 22% of total production.


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